Who we are

Samatalis Audit and Compliance Consulting (SACC) is a well-respected firm recognized by regulators that provides governance, audit, risk management, and compliance advice to existing financial and non-financial institutions. We are a group of professionals in different fields with many years of experience who are auditors, compliance officers, risk officers, regulators, lawyers, and accountants.


It is essential to bear in mind that when a financial institution is establishing business relationships with third parties such as banks, companies, or international organizations.

They will first assess the strength and effectiveness of the compliance program. No reasonable management will cooperate with any company until they are confident in the company’s commitment to fighting ML/TF.

Our experienced consultants can assist companies maintain a robust and complete compliance program, as well as connect them to the worldwide financial system.

Our Services

Our goal is to help you navigate the regulatory landscape, mitigate compliance risks, align with relevant laws and standards, and foster a culture of integrity within your organization

AML/CFT Compliance Program

We help organizations develop an effective AML/CFT program that enables the institution to combat financial crimes such as bribery, corruption, money laundering, terrorist financing, breaches of financial sanctions, and fraud. Regardless of their size, we can design and assist them implementing and maintaining a compliance regime that meets their regulatory standards.

Risk Management

Generally, Banking sector is often seen as a high-risk business. Risk management in banking can be defined as “the logical development and execution of a plan to deal with potential losses.” As stated by Tursoy (2018),the focus of the risk management practices in the banking industry is to manage an institution’s exposure to losses or risk and to protect the value of its assets.

Corporate Governance

It is critical to establish organizational roles, powers, duties, and accountability while designing an enterprise risk management framework. Regulators ensure that authority, duties, and accountability for key risk management roles are delegated and communicated at all levels of the company. They emphasize the importance of risk management while identifying individuals